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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  April 25, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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a mother and her child will soon be reunited.. after the boy was taken from a hospital by his father. good afternoon. i am steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's tonya francisco is live in southwest suburban alsip with our top story. the father his mother and a third woman have been taken into custody ... another child has also been taken into protective custody porter stone is doing fine he's getting treatment at a local area hospital ... there is no explanation why the family abducted that child and traveled
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here to alsip three adults and two children including porter stone were taken into custody shortly after 1:00 this morning the description matched what was in the amber alert and let us to this hotel ... the child was fine and taken into protective custody and transfer for medical evaluation he was abducted from st. louis children's hospital the father jeffrey stone was faking a trip to the hospital pharmacy and instead of debt to the child and left the hospital even though he did not have legal custody he is in a bitter divorce with the boy's mother >>his mentality is about suffering and making me suffer
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he called in the middle of the night to to want metaunt me.. the child was being treated for a heart muscle disorder and the decision was made to put him on a heart transplant list yesterday he had life-saving medicine and his intravenous when he was taken ... the boy's grandfather is not surprised by this reckless behavior >>jeffrey has a superiority complex in never demonstrates good judgment and he is basically a "bully" ... all three adults arrested last night are in custody at the police station here and all sub being held under $1 million bond each ... charges are pending
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against the third woman ... the boy's mother will soon be reunited with her son is a textbook case of how authorities say the amber alert system or to work some heart wrenching testimony today at the murder trial for the jennifer hudson family members nancy loo is live at the cook county criminal courts building ... so far testimony has focused on the autopsy on 7 year-old julian king the nephew of jennifer hudson i'm now joined by terry sullivan legal analyst this was difficult for jennifer hudson she left the courtroom? yes she knew these witnesses
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would include the medical examiner's testimony and during that testimony there were photographs and there were graphic ... the medical examiner testified that that little boy had been shot twice through the head and that in fact he had been found in a pool of blood laying face down ... she decided not to be in that court room ... those photographs were shown on a big screen to that jury she has returned to the court room for the testimony of the next witness why is this significant now with this next witness there have already been three witnesses ... the assistant state's attorney has testified that she was in charge of a
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certain person who testified to the grand jury under oath about the murder weapon ... that's important because the defense asserts that the accused never did have a gun the sister of jennifer hudson had commented that she had never seen a gun on the defendant and the time she knew him ... right now we hear there is someone from the police department on the stand talking about cellphone records ... to go to trial for the murder of his ex-wife. peterson has been in jail for almost three years .. charged in the 2004 drowning death of kathleen savio. yesterday, his attorney, joel brodsky, dropped his appeal of a court ruling that allows hearsay statements from being used at trial. the statements at issue are
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from savio and peterson's missing fourth wife, stacy peterson. peterson's trial could start as early as june. a longtime horse jockey from killed in a garage fire. relatives of eusebio razo junior say ... his remains were found inside the garage of his home in long grove on tuesday. razo's wife says she last saw him before she took a shower. when she finished, she saw smoke outside. the couple was getting ready to go to a therapy session for his injured arm. lake county authorities say the body found in the garage was burned beyond recognition. a pack of children attack a priest... and hurl rocks at him. it happened in calumet city two weeks ago. the kids confronted father jacek dada, of saint andrew the apostle parish, as he walked his dog. they taunted his pet, and when he asked them to stop, they turned on him. some of his fingers broke... as he protected himself from flying rocks. he was not able to identify his attackers from police photos.
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a paraplegic man is suing the chicago police department, after he says he was beaten by two police officers. reginald edwards needs a wheelchair. he was at a donut shop on adams street, when an employee ordered him to leave, and called the police. edwards says an officer slapped him and bloodied his face, then told him to say nothing about it. then, he says the officers knocked him over, shook him, hit him, and charged him with battery. no comment from the police department. the city of north chicago has put seven police officers on paid leave, while it investigates the violent death of a man being held in police custody. darrin hanna was restrained and jolted with a taser after his arrest last november. a decision will come friday, on whether the seven officers will be fired or otherwise penalized. police say hanna had been fighting with his pregnant girlfriend on the night in question. she says he tried to drown her. hanna had a prior criminal record. he was a cocaine abuser, and police say he was tasered only after he resisted arrest.
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charges are expected to be filed today, against a youth baseball coach in hobart, indiana.. who took thousands of dollars from families before disappearing with their money. the coach's name has not been released yet. he was supposed to lead a travel baseball team this summer. parents paid 6-hundred-75 dollars each for the season. but after a few weeks of practice, the coach disappeared and stopped returning phone calls. parents called police when they realized they had been scammed. the chicago city council approved mayor emanuel's plan to raise private money for public projects. it's called the chicago infrastructure trust. the mayor says the plan will help the city pay for projects it can't otherwise afford. he also claims it will create thousands of jobs. the mayor will appoint a board to oversee the trust ... and one of those board members will be an alderman. the city council will vote on all projects that involve *city* assets and property. that's a concession to aldermen who were worried about the lack of transparency or accountability.
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we now know details about the security perimeter for the nato conference. lake shore drive will be closed from 31st to roosevelt. on the north end of mccormick place, 21st street will be closed from indiana to lake michigan. and indiana will be closed from 21st to 25th street. i-55 from lake shore drive to the dan ryan will also be shut down while dignitaries are on the move. the nato summit takes place may 20th and may 21st. plans to build a new children's museum have been called off. aldermen voted to build a 100- million dollar underground children's museum in daley bicentennial plaza back in 2008. the plan was challenged because of potential zoning violations. fundraising efforts for the new structure were not successful. the plan was killed after mayor emanuel weighed in on the effort. her case caught worldwide headlines when she disappeared five years ago... now, why investigators believe madeline mccann is still alive. plus, why "octomom" nadya suleman is being investigated by police and social workers. and, how much money would it take to tarnish tim tebow's
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image? the unusual offer being made by a controversial website... break
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the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. it's time to get going. to put more giddy-up in our get-along. it's time to start gellin' with dr. scholl's... ... and mix a little more hop in our hip-hop. with the energizing support and cushioning of dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles ... you'll want to get up and go. vanished without a trace five years ago may still be alive. london police have just released this picture of madeline mccann.. showing what she might look like at the age of nine. madeline was just a few days shy of her fourth birthday when she disappeared in may of 2007 during a family vacation in portugal. portuguese police closed the case in 2008. but british investigators reviewing the case say evidence they've uncovered makes them believe there's a possibility madeline may still be alive.
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nadya suleman was investigated by child services for providing poor living conditions for her 14 children. police officers and social workers visited suleman's home yesterday. t-m-z reports that suleman's hairstylist filed the complaint - saying there is only one working toilet in the house and the children are forced to use portable toilets in their bedrooms. the stylist also said the kids appear to be malnourished and unclean, and suleman locks them in their rooms while she attends to personal matters. but the social workers found that the children were not in any danger, and should not be removed from the home. the u-s supreme court hears arguments today... on whether arizona's controversial immigration law is constitutional. the state wants local law enforcement... to take into custody suspected illegal immigrants, and check a person's citizenship status during arrests. arizona claims the feds aren't doing enough to combat illegal immigration. but, the obama administration says only the u-s constitution gives congress the power to establish rules for immigration. during today's hearing, several justices expressed concerns about economic and social problems for states... if there isn't strong enforcement at the federal level.
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an aide to britain's culture secretary resigned today over ties to rupert murdoch's media empire. he said his meetings with murdoch representatives over their plans to take full control of british sky broadcasting went beyond what the secretary authorized. murdoch testified today at an independent inquiry into media ethics.. where he was grilled about his relationship with british politicians. british prime minister david cameron called for the inquiry after britain was rocked by the phone hacking scandal at murdoch's defunct tabloid "news of the world". mitt romney swept all five republican presidential primaries in new york, pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island, and delaware. he's expected to take a majority of the 209 delegates at stake...pushing him closer to the 11-hundred-44 needed for the republican nomination. there are reports newt gingrich will drop out of the race next week. and congressman ron paul says he'll stay in the race until the party convention, and try to pick up enough delegates to have a voice in crafting the party's platform.
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a former aide to then- presidential candidate john edwards says he helped cover up edward's affair with a campaign videographer. edwards is accused of using hundreds of thousands of dollars from a wealthy campaign donor to hide his affair with rielle hunter. star witness andrew young testifed that ... after hunter told them she was pregnant with edwards' child ... he and edwards plotted to hide the affair by telling people young was the father. young says the edwards campaign bought hunter a car and furniture and paid her rent to keep her quiet. edwards' lawyers say the money spent on hunter was from personal funds ... not from the campaign. if you can prove that you've had sex with jets quarterback tim tebow- you could collect some big bucks. ashley madison dot com is a website exclusively for married people- looking to have affairs. the site's founder is offering one *million* dollars to any woman who can show "well documented proof" that she had sex with tebow. tim tebow is an evangical
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christian.. he says he's saving himself for marriage. up next, a case of mad cow disease is discovered by federal regulators. what that means for u-s beef sales. still ahead-prescription drug abuse study a new look at prescription drug abuse.. and where addicts get their pills. results of a huge national study. and later in lunchbreak chicago's own -- chef dale levitski is back. what are making. white anchovy brusc [ female announcer
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discovered in california ... the disease to cow was found at a facility owned by baker commodities in hanford the cow's milk was only used for bye products like chemicals or chicken feed the animal was never set for slaughter or human consumption the usda says that the nation's beef and dairy products are safe but the south korean retailers as it was enough to pull u.s. beef off of its shelves apple has reported quarterly earnings doubling last quarter thanks to big demand for the i- phone and china and purchases of the new i-pad to the tune of a $11 million right now shares of apple are up at 9% stocks are also higher thanks to those apple earnings
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and better than expected earnings from boeing a zero l c eco has been showing off wi-fi video channels ... aol on line is designed as a one- stop shop where viewers can find 14 channels on various topics showing short form videos for many types of hardware the t-shirt bearing the yellow star of david has been taken down off of the urban outfitters websites ... the damage will be replaced with a pocket less
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damage of that church a midge of the shirt any traveler with the legal name of don draper according to howard johnson motels can book a reservation for a free stay president obama is continuing his today college tour today he will address students at the university of iowa this afternoon to are for help for students buried in debt the president is pushing to keep student loan rates the same if congress does not act by july 1st interest rates on subsidized stafford loans will double
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costing students thousands of dollars in interest payments student debt has become a focal issue as it is now outpacing credit card debt still ahead we have a popular treatment for migraines that may not work as well as originally thought and next to his cruise ship was stock in antarctica for several days now chicago man is on the home to tell his story we will have that in a live report and retro never sounded so good we have live music this midday from under the street lamp vocal group there will be performing at the park west on may 12th at 3:00 p.m.
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time for sports: the last time the cubs had back- to- back "walk off" wins against the cardinals at wrigley was 1961... but they had a chance to do it again last night. michael jordan went from the carlos marmol gave up the lead, but in the bottom of the ninth... brian lahair ties the game at two with his third home run. in the tenth, 2 on, 2 outs for alfonso soriano, and his grounder off the second baseman is enough to drive in the winning run. cubs clinch their first series of the year.... they go for the sweep this afternoon, right here on wgn. white sox going for their fifth win in a row on the west coast... scoreless in the eighth... matt thornton relieves gavin floyd and gives up the r-b-i double to oakland's kurt suzuki. sox down 2- 0 in the ninth... a man on for adam dunn, but he strikes out to end the game. dunn pinch hit for alex rios, whose 11- game hitting streak is snapped. sox lose 2-0, and wrap up the series this afternoon. the miami heat rested the "big
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three" against the celtics last night, and lost 78-66. that means the bulls have clinched the top seed in the east, and home court throughout the playoffs. the bulls will not rest anybody tonight against the pacers but their minutes will probably be limited. the second-to-last regualr season game tips off in indiana at six tonight. now that the blackhawks season is history the general manager says that getting bombed in the first round for the second straight season is a big disappointment he said that the team needs to improve on defense and goaltending but he sees positive signs for the future >>we demonstrated the potential for good things for next year said there were some contributors and that bodes well for the next season we have rain moving through the
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area today tom skilling will be next with the full weather forecast
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tom has a surprising statistic: >>it is the 25th warmest april we have had here in chicago for 124 years ... it is running cooler than march and it's the april 1st to do that since 1907 and one of only two to do this in whether history here ... crazy acrobatics of mother nature ... the weather of the
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winter and spring 2012. we are way down on rainfall ... the rain we are receiving will not alleviate this deficit ... we may get some severe weather out of this one there's a big hot dome of heir to the west end temperatures are being pushed into the 80s and 90s as a warm and human hair interacts with the first of two storm systems coming through our area the sec and will affect our weekend ... here is the severe weather risk area ... we are looking at the jet stream ... showers and
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thunderstorms ... and then this storm is getting formed for later in the week ... we have that canadian high pressure of north that will bring us some blustery wind and cooler temperatures before that the heavier showers have been letting appear in chicago but there is more coming ... the wind will be picking up this is moving along expeditiously it will not lend girl afternoon we may get some sun breaks this afternoon especially for the game everyone at wrigley field is watching with great interest the readings are in the 50s and
12:32 pm
60s across the chicago metropolitan area in line 52 degrees to wrigley field is a southerly wind 5 mi. per hour blowing at the ballpark ... 61 degrees at midway and o'hare airports here are the wind gusts 25-30 mi. per hour through wheaten low-end kankakee ... here's what the models are showing for the afternoon: we have a couple more showers blossoming this afternoon and into the evening hours late tonight the wind will turn northeast we will have clouds and sprinkles partly sunny during the day tomorrow ... let's look at these temperatures ... in the '80s in
12:33 pm
st. louis and omaha. 54 in the northern suburbs here by comparison ... the war america is out there it's just not reaching us yet. humidity is that 70 percent we have moderate values for the pollen counts we have run some statistical models on comparably warm spring time seasons to this point ... there is no other spring to date in the record keeping as this one has banned seven of 10 summers that have followed a warm spring have been warmer than average ... we're still
12:34 pm
getting warm signals from all the statistics there's a low pressure system trekking through the southern midwest and northeast wind will be blowing around a big canadian high pressure system the next storm developing out to the west pulling up that gulf moisture it will begin to rein likely in the afternoon wore heavily toward evening ... adli may even see hailstones in wisconsin this is an inherently cooler weather system do for the weekend we will have a warming spell next week we may just get 70 degree temperatures by then
12:35 pm
mix sun will give way to more clouds later this afternoon we may even get an evening thunderstorm the high temperature will be 68 degrees ... the wind will be southeast tonight showers scattered and possibly a thunderstorm mostly cloudy low temperature 48 this evening ... tomorrow sunni blustery and cooler it will cloud over friday we will have light showers building to heavier steadier rains and thunderstorms over night ... it will be windy and rainy on saturday it will be cool and windy and sunni sun on sunday it is time now for today's
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i have never encountered such a burning sensation... until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter.
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for more of the inside story visit and our man stranded on a cruise ship in the antarctic is finally home and robert jordan is live with more on the story he was stranded just off the coast of and arctic for a couple of weeks when his ship broke down ... now he is back home in chicagoland has great stories to tell them when he travels and he does do a lot of extensive traveling ... >>he has been everywhere as the pushpins on this map indicate
12:39 pm
... bob bonifas was on his way to and arctic up ... >>they began from the tip of south america to the south georgia island they were going to visit other islands in that area >>the engine conked out wall they were in court luckily >>they were on their way to three days of open ocean travel had that problem happened five hours later or even one day later it could of been a completely different scenario he is the ceo of an alarm system company he has traveled the world for the last seven years >>they are not as happy to see me as i am to see them ... there was an amateur photographer on the boat he asked me if i would kiss the ground and i said you bet i will ... and that is what
12:40 pm
i did >>on his way to this remote location ... the oceanographic research vessel had to make the best of a bad situation >>i want to tell you we had many restless nights ... the boat was rocking doing all kinds of gyrations you could not believe ... at 75 years old bob bonifas is still searching for another flag to pen on the map >>i have things plant the one i missed this year is to the endure arctic pole the south pole whether or not he ever makes it to anne burke deca and to the
12:41 pm
south pole ultimately leaves to be seen he's had an enjoyable life traveling in many stories from all over the world your live illinois lottery drawing is next test. test. good afternoon here is your midday drawing for wednesday april 25, 2012. here are the winning pick three numbers: 7 7 2
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here are the winning pick four numbers: 7 4 7 5 have a wonderful afternoon
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lunch break is next we are making an easy spring recipe it's time to get going. to put more giddy-up in our get-along. it's time to start gellin' with dr. scholl's... ... and mix a little more hop in our hip-hop. with the energizing support and cushioning of dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles ... you'll want to get up and go.
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he is the owner of sprout and frog and snail.. and is a featured chef at 'epicurious entertains chicago". dale levitski is back with us today. congratulations on the new restaurant ... >>thank you it has been a lifelong dream >>we are going to make a pesto today ...
12:49 pm
>>we are using a local wild onion known here as the ramp ... this is a pistou... that's a pesto without nuts. i'm doing this in a blender you can also use a food processor ... you can also make it in big batches and freeze it for up to six months ... i am beginning with garlic and olive oil and white wine and
12:50 pm
lemon juice which will help the pesto to stay green ... this version i made a few days ago and it still has held its color and aromatics ... always pulse on the low in the blender you do not want the garlic to get better by over mincingitter fight over mincing you do not want to get all the ingredients at once just gradually speeded up the blender as you put in new ingredients ... you can add some
12:51 pm
grated parmesan cheese to your taste liking and salt and pepper as well ... we now at the ramp and more olive oil you can also use grape seed oil which is a little bit healthier ... when you prepare bruchetta you use mild flavored white
12:52 pm
anchovies... local tomatoes, goat cheese radishes and more parmesan... great for summertime entertaining i also use this pesto for other recipes ... on march 5th and excuse me on may 5th and sixth ... the chicago eliminating company in the south loop has some really great activity we are staging a curious entertains
12:53 pm
chicago at 19 east 20 fir street tickets are still available for some of the events for more information on today's recipe or to watch this segment once again you can go
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the first state to require automobile license plates on this dietday in 19 01 they were inscribed with the owners initials the fee was $1 >>tom skilling has the 7 day forecast >>the forecast is for a stormy and cooler. coming in for late friday and saturday but there
12:56 pm
will be thunder and rain this afternoon ... there is a severe weather threat in part of the area for later today mostly to the southwest of chicago ... we will get some significant accumulations by the end of the weekend ... we are running way ahead in corn planting so the warm spring has helped that watching the storm friday into saturday ... it will taper off the rain will by sunday
12:57 pm
it will be cold and windy on saturday. some areas might see you over 1 in. of rain here in the metropolitan area. 52 degrees tamaratomorrow it will be cold friday and saturday ... tuesday and wednesday of next week will get warmer and it will be sunny. thank you for joining us today have a great afternoon we are leaving you with more music from
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under the street lamp they will be performing may 12th at the park west
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